true craftsmanship

MRC Construction is a machine works and repair workshop. Ever since MRC’s founding in 1936, the combination of expert knowledge and an effective approach has led to quality products and strong service. The characteristics that set MRC apart are the extensive expertise in repairs and manufacturing of machine parts, a strong drive to deliver a flawless product and the 24/7 service mindset among staff and management. Thanks to modern machinery, this quality driven efficiency results in quick delivery times by virtue of constant attention to the turnaround and continuous operation. 

new build

Being a specialist in heavy metal constructions, MRC is fully capable of serving the maritime, energy and offshore markets. To keep in pace with our demanding clients, MRC has made continuous investments to keep its machine park and craftsmen operating at the highest level. Time is money and MRC is aware that the quick delivery of a first class product is desired and appreciated by our clients. We, therefore, take pride in the operational excellence of a perfect product within schedule. Our fully implemented EPC workflow contributes to an efficient approach and a clear project overview.


Good construction projects start with excellent preparation. If the client has done all the engineering, we’re fully capable of turning it into an end product. When desired, our specialists can also evaluate the engineering plans and advise the client accordingly and, if necessary, before commencing production. When required, MRC is capable of executing design and engineering, we do have the right knowledge at our disposal. MRC is capable of executing the assembly and the commissioning of a product. Within the Marinoffs Group, MRC can mobilise the right people for the job: relevant experience is translated into a strong proposal. Marinoffs group of companies is prepared for running “EPC NEW BUILD” projects.

repair of constructions

MRC also offers the repair of constructions. If you have a problem with your construction work, we can assist with welding and machining. Our services include troubleshooting, inspection and analysis, repair proposals and repairs. We perform the inspection on site most of the time for repairing your construction needs to be transported to our workshop in Rotterdam. As always, we aim for a maximum reuse of the existing parts which results in lower costs and a quicker turnaround.


quality within schedule

MRC Construction is a member of the Marinoffs Group. Within this group a dedicated business program is effective, focused on delivering the highest level of service. Our craftmanship combined with the highly organized production process management ensures top quality within schedule.

MRC Construction has been around for a while. Founded more than 75 years ago, we have a strong commitment to deliver quality through craftmanship. Our machinepark is up-to-date and is operated by true ironworkers that put pride in their work. This policy has made MRC a solid name in the Rotterdam harbour.